Cuvée Albaria

AOP - White

This excellent cuvée is the result of exceptionally rigorous plot selection. So sought after by Jean-François Renucci, it represents the flagship of the Domaine range of wines and embodies the finest expressions of the grape variety Vermetinu.

Colour : Light yellow with green tints

Nose :The unique maturity and great complexity of this wine is revealed on the nose, with ripe pears, quinces, lemon peel, hawthorn, combined with a touch of honey and a hint of chestnuts.

Palate : A combination of finesse and power, with creaminess and liveliness on the palate, this is a very fine white wine. It reveals delicious notes of dried fruit and nuts (almonds, currants), quinces and pears, underpinned by a citron and clementine-like acidity. The elegant character of this wine continues through to the honeyed, hazelnut and brioche finish. Wine lovers will be amazed by this wine’s complexity and elegance, and by the unctuosity and lovely taut acidity which only a terroir created by sea and sun can produce!

Serving temperature: 12°C

A memorable bottle of wine, whatever the occasion! This 100% Vermentinu can be enjoyed on its own, due to its intrinsic qualities and the sheer drinking pleasure it provides. It will perfectly set off refined cuisine, such as sole meunière or poultry stuffed with chestnuts, or simpler dishes such as the Sunday roast chicken. It is a high-flying, easy-drinking wine, at home with a wide range of dishes, and will never fail to impress!

Domaine Terra Vecchia / Clos Poggiale