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Domaine Terra Vecchia - Clos Poggiale

An exceptional place. Incomparable wines.

Our wines are born in the heart of vineyards that have thrived from the shores of the Étang de Diana to the surrounding mountains: this is what gives them their strength and unique character. This exceptional location allows the vineyard to capture the incredible brightness of the Mediterranean sunshine while benefiting, at night, from the influence of the mountains.

The contrasting effects of altitude and the Tyrrhenian Sea impart a subtlety and distinctiveness to our vintages, promising you an unparalleled sensory journey. We carefully nurture grapes with naturally powerful colors and flavors. The true secret to the high quality of our products lies in our expertise, which respects and enhances the traits inherited from an untamed land. Our pride is in offering you more than just fine wines: new horizons.

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Domaine Terra Vecchia  

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