Vineyard between the mountains (2500 metres at their peak) and the “Diana Lagoon” and stretch across the gently sloping hills of two very different terroirs; the mountainous terroir of the plateau de Pianiccia and the maritime terroir of the coastal strip. This unique environment allows the vines to capture the incredible luminosity of the Mediterranean sun yet benefit from the influence of the mountains at night to produce grapes which are bright in colour and bursting in flavour. The contrasting effects of the altitude and the Tyrrhenian Sea result in wines which show remarkable complexity and a distinctive character.

Domaine Terra Vecchia


(meaning« Ancient Lands » in Corsican), mostly lies on the edge of the Etang de Diana and its vineyards are classified IGP and AOP Corse. In the area nearest the sea, the poor, filtering, silt and sand soil and the obvious coastal influence are ideal for growing many native and international grape varieties: Nielluciu, Sciaccarellu, Vermentinu, Aromatique Biancogentile (an old local variety, far too often grubbed up in Corsica and replaced with Muscat but which Jean-François Renucci replants immediately). These all thrive alongside Merlot, Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, the Cabernets, Cinsault and Muscat of Alexandria. This diverse range of varietals enables the crafting of numerous blends and produces a wide range of highly aromatic and refreshing wines.

Clos Poggiale


classified AOP Corse, differs from Terra Vecchia in terms of its soils, which are deeper and made from granite and a type of red clay. It covers 30 hectares inland in the fold of the Plateau de Pianiccia. The air currents regulate the temperatures and help the grapes to ripen smoothly assisted by the beneficial influence of the Mediterranean. Here, the Syrah and Niellucciu for the red wine and the Vermetinu for the white wine, take on a denser more natural expression characterised by their minerality and the garrigue.
In 2015, Clos Poggiale wines have began an organic conversion, since the 2018 vintage, the wines will be under the AB (organic) Label


Organic farming label "AB"

Jean François Renucci’s interest in protection of the environment and promoting responsible healthy consumer practices meant it was inevitable for him convert the domaine to organic farming. The Clos Poggiale vineyard as well as the Domaine Terra Vecchia were already benefiting from environmentally-friendly methods but the move to organic farming goes even farther focusing on a genuine desire to invest, create a terroir capital and to develop a product with strong typicity. The conversion started in October 2015 and so it is with pride that we introduce our Millésime 2018 under the organic farming label « AB ».

Our emblematic grape varieties


Niellucciu is the emblematic grape variety of Corsica even though it originates from Tuscany. It produces medium size grapes and has large bluish black berries that are very juicy. These wines are known for their great subtlety and balance, releasing aromas of red berries, violets, spices and apricots. This grape variety can also be used in the production of high-quality rosés that take on a powerful spicy character.


Sciaccarellu is a Corsican grape variety mainly found in the south of the island. It lends itself particularly well to granite soils. The bunches of crunchy grapes bring a subtle note of finesse and beautiful colour. They produce a peppery bouquet with hints of red berries, coffee and maquis flowers.


This white grape variety is also known as « Corsican Malvoisie ». It produces a wine of the highest quality, one of the best white wines in the Mediterranean, distinctive with strong floral aromas. This is the principal variety of all the appellation AOC Corsican white wines. These dry white wines are fine but powerful with particularly strong floral aromas. Blended with red wine, they are also used for creating rosé wines with a strong character.

Domaine Terra Vecchia / Clos Poggiale