The vineyard estate

Domaine Terra Vecchia & Clos Poggiale

A vineyard between the sea and the mountains

Between the Étang de Diana and mountains rising over 2500 meters, the vineyards stretch across gently sloping hills and two distinct terroirs: one more mountainous on the Pianiccia plateau, and the other more coastal on the lakeside strip. This unique location allows the vineyard to capture the incredible brightness of the Mediterranean sunshine while benefiting from the influence of the mountains at night, which promotes grapes rich in color and flavor. The contrasting effects of altitude and the Tyrrhenian Sea bring an astonishing complexity and unique character to the wines.

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The Brewery

Kiara - The Little Brewery of Corsica

Not far from the vineyard and orchards of the estate, our craft brewery offers beers conceived and brewed on-site, unpasteurized and bottle-refermented.

Our beers reflect our character—young and bold—and draw inspiration from our terroir and the organically grown fruits of our orchards: citron, lemons, and Corsican clementines.

Whether Blonde, White, Amber, or IPA, you will surely find the perfect choice to accompany any convivial moment or tasting experience.


La Table of the Estate

Veni è Posa

In July 2017, the estate opened a seasonal restaurant in the heart of the vineyard. This enchanting setting, between shade and sunlight, offers a breathtaking view of the vines and the Étang de Diana. Our chef enhances the local island heritage, particularly the nearby seafood, using haute cuisine techniques to present the essence of Corsica in a simple meal. Enjoy a thousand and one flavors paired with the estate's wines. It’s the perfect opportunity to learn about food and wine pairings under the guidance of our chef